Master DuScheid Kids Martial Arts Instructor

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Master DuScheid

Master Tom DuScheid is the head instructor of Triangle Karate. He is a 5th-degree black belt who has been teaching Tang Soo Do for over 10 years on his own and a student for over 2 decades. His head instruction experience started when his teacher Master Joe Bruno, asked him to start a martial arts club while attending Virginia Tech. After DuScheid graduated from Virginia Tech, he then started New River Tang Soo Do. Both Do Jangs continue to operate today under the control of his students.

Master DuScheid brings a flexible teaching style having taught so many students and personalities over the years. He takes great pride in helping each and every student who walks through the door. And he brings a level of patience and calm that is unmatched with the understanding that all students have their own path. Afterall, his instructor still remembers after 20 years how bad of a student that he was. DuScheid enjoys helping his students to succeed and brings great energy and passion to his classes.

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