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  • 7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts

    7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts

    Recently on a visit back home, I met my one of my close friends at his son’s martial arts studio so I could drop in and see what young Ethan was up to.
    Ethan was one step away from getting his white sash in Poekoelan , an Indonesian martial art. He beamed with pride as we watched him do various forms and drills. Shortly after I left town, Ethan earned his white sash , upon which he got to join the big kids in the adjacent room. There the big kids practice more advanced forms, techniques, and even some sparring. He was thrilled. Ethan’s always been a good kid, but from what I observed the martial arts gave him quite a healthy dose of self esteem and self respect - two of ....

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  • Martial Artist Fights Off Kidnapping Attempt

    Martial Artist Fights Off Kidnapping Attempt

    When a would-be kidnapper attacked 10-year-old Georgia boy Sebastian Solache, the child put his karate knowledge to the test. An intruder approached the Solache home in Hall County late Tuesday afternoon, according to Fox 5 Atlanta . Solache was in the driveway when a man grabbed him from behind and attempted to drag him toward the back of a neighboring house. Read Full Article ....

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  • Tang Soo Do Survived Bans and Will Survive Pandemics

    Tang Soo Do Survived Bans and Will Survive Pandemics

    Tang Soo Do started with the early Korean fighting arts, which paintings and murals tell us were utilized during the time of the three kingdoms in Korea. Eventually, these kingdoms were united under the Silla Dynasty, where evidence of the fighting arts in Korea became even greater. From the evidence, it appears that the arts continued to progress and be practiced, usually taught within families or passed down from one individual to another, until the Japanese took control of Korea between 1909 to 1945. Looking to quell any opposition to their occupation before it started, the Japanese forbade Koreans from practicing martial arts. Some history was lost as a result. That said, the ....

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  • How Martial Arts Helps Children with ADD and ADHD

    After twenty years of teaching martial arts to students from age three to eighty, I have observed that the benefits to every age has been nothing less than astonishing! Some include control of aggressive behavior and the gain of self-respect, self-control, self-defense, self esteem, focus, confidence, and courtesy. As an additional benefit, the child will also excel in other athletic endeavors. Martial arts training gives your son or daughter the chance to strengthen in mind as well as body. It encompasses not just the physical aspect of the "sport", but mental and emotional lessons as well. Comparing that to other youth activities and sports, where fierce competitiveness and "winning ....

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  • 81 Year Old Student Continues Training

    81 Year Old Student Continues Training

    LAKEWOOD, N.J. —
    Every three days, Gary Alexander is in the pool for a workout that most can’t handle. With scuba fins on his feet, Alexander does 100 laps, mostly on his back, alternating with freestyle strokes. The next 100 laps he runs back and forth without the fins, climbing from the pool to throw 800 punches, blocks and kicks. “Bam-bam-bam,” he says, his arms snapping at the air rapidly. “I try to stay in as good as shape as I can.” Read Full Article ....

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  • Martial Arts School Helps Students With Autism

    Martial Arts School Helps Students With Autism

    After motivating dozens of autistic youths in Hialeah to improve their focus, discipline and socialization, a karate instructor recently launched a training program for autistic youths in Doral, at the Legacy Park coliseum. Venezuela-born sensei Francisco Santander, 50, a former banker, heads the Exceptional Wellness dojo. Santander said that one of the key successes of his program is helping his karate students to concentrate for a couple of minutes. When they began, they could barely do it for a few seconds. “It’s fantastic to see how the kids find a mental oasis through karate,” Santander said. “The kids go from meditating for five or 10 seconds to a couple ....

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  • Burn 500 Calories In 1 Martial Art Class

    Burn 500 Calories In 1 Martial Art Class

    Not only is it a great activity that keeps participants physically active, but it also instills a sense of achievement and ethics as you practice and practice and work your way up to earning a black belt. Even if you have no previous experience in martial arts, it is still a great activity to pick up even as an adult. Here are the Top 10 from Health Fitness Revolution and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic :
    Total body workout:
    Martial arts are a high-aerobic workout that uses every muscle group in the body. Your stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and strength will all improve through martial arts.
    Healthy lifestyle:
    Due to the total-body nature of a martial arts ....

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  • The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should do a Traditional Martial Art

    The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should do a Traditional Martial Art

    You may be unfamiliar with martial arts but you probably know a few people who have done martial arts before and benefited greatly from it. While it is a fun activity for all, it is also an education that provides significant benefits for children that other activities simply cannot match. Here are the top 10 reasons you should consider martial arts for your child: 1 - Discipline recommends martial arts for children as it teaches them to wait patiently for commands from their instructors and classmates. 2 - Confidence -Children gain more confidence in their abilities as they gain strength and stamina and are able to pass tests for new belts. For this reason, ....

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  • Army veteran finds healing from PTSD through martial arts

    MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- An army veteran calls martial arts his “sanctuary” as he uses it to heal from PTSD. Lawrence Pearson is the co-owner of Perfect Moves Martial Arts gym. He said he has practiced martial arts since he was 8 years old. Today, he is a master of kickboxing, Muay Thai, taekwondo and karate. Pearson said he practiced martial arts even while deployed in Iraq. “I started teaching one of my buddies some martial arts,” he said. “It helped me feel like I belonged or it helped me center or get my mind off of what was going on around me at the moment in time. It was sort of my respite.” When Lawrence came home in 2004, he said he had ....

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  • Aspiring actress discovers strength in ancient martial art

    TOKYO - In a society that values prescribed pathways to success, carving one's way as an outsider is rarely the first choice in Japan, but for Alice Iwamoto, who is fashioning an independent acting career from scratch, it's been the only choice. To achieve her goal, the 27-year-old former dancer has spent the two years since arriving from Australia feverishly acquiring the various skills that will allow her to make it as an action actor in Tokyo's growing freelance film-making industry. Read Full Article ....

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