The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should do a Traditional Martial Art

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should do a Traditional Martial Art

You may be unfamiliar with martial arts but you probably know a few people who have done martial arts before and benefited greatly from it.  While it is a fun activity for all, it is also an education that provides significant benefits for children that other activities simply cannot match.  Here are the top 10 reasons you should consider martial arts for your child:

1 - Discipline recommends martial arts for children as it teaches them to wait patiently for commands from their instructors and classmates.

2 - Confidence
-Children gain more confidence in their abilities as they gain strength and stamina and are able to pass tests for new belts.  For this reason, many parents bring their children in to help with bullying issues.

3 - Focus
According to Additude, a support magazine for ADHD and LD, the complex physical activities of martial arts strengthens the neural networks in the brain. This really is a great benefit for all children.

4 - Family Activity
With an increasing number of media devices and organized activities that seem to divide families, martial arts is quickly becoming one of the very rare activities that children can participate in with their moms, dads or other loved ones.

5 - Respect
Shaking hands and saying “thank you” after working together and responding with “yes, Ma’am” and “yes, Sir” are just some of the ways that children learn respect in martial arts.  


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