Adult Martial Arts in Apex

Discover An Exciting New Fitness Routine Through Adult Martial Arts!

Triangle Karate is proud to offer an Adult Martial Arts program that does more than just help you rebuild your fitness and put you on the path to a black belt.

As North Carolina’s first certified International Tang Soo Do Federation school, we prioritize helping our students grow in all aspects of life -- so not only will we help you develop robust fitness and learn self-defense, but we also want to help you reduce your stress and anxiety levels, become more motivated, be more confident, and lead a happier, healthier life. Whether you're coming to us from Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, or elsewhere, know that our team at Triangle Karate is committed to your every success.

International Tang Soo Do Federation was found by Choong Jae Nim in 1984 with the focus not only on physical ability, but also places heavy emphasis on spiritual improvement. Through the strength in our discipline, we strive to spread these authentic techniques and teachings here at Triangle Karate and throughout the world. 

Adult Martial Arts near Apex

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